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08 Feb 2008 Edwin Barnhill
Looking for Barnhills buried in Howard County. Was told that my great grandfather W. H. L. and other family members were buried in Coahoma but not listed on the Coahoma cemetery listing. can you help?



Susie Hamilton

I am looking for information for W.W. Bennett who was very active in the politics in Howard county, running for Commissioner in 1950. He married Maude Bird who is an Aunt that I have just discovered . Also he had a brother named Lee who married Maude’s sister , her name was Cora Bird.  I think they all lived and died in the Howard County or Midland County in the 1940 or 1950’s.  Any help would be appreciated.


08 Aug 2009

Mary & Mel Bonds I'm looking for information on my Great-Grandparents, Charles Bonds (born in Texas in Oct 1863) and his wife Belle Harris (born 1856, Harrisburg, Texas). Charles Bonds lived with Belle in Big Spring, Howard County until the 1920's. Their son, John B. Bonds was born 14 December 1889. John Bonds married Bee O Burnett (B: 19 June 1990) in Howard County on 22 May 1910. They had 7 children, 6 born in Howard County and 1 born in California. There children are: Harry Charles Bonds, Susie Bonds, Otis (James) Bonds, John B Bonds Jr, Melvin A Bonds Jr, Harvey J Bonds and Betty L Bonds. John Bonds and his family moved to California in the late 1920's, early 1930's. Both Charles and John Bonds worked on the railroads in Texas. Any information is greatly appreciated.


23 Aug 2007

[email protected]

I am looking for any information on a Texas Ranger named Tom Green (TG) Chalmers who was posted in Big Spring in 1880.  Also, trying to verify the location of that Ranger Camp in 1880.  Can anyone help with either please.



Debbie Clark Schafer

I am looking for descendants of Ray Collins Clark b: 1898 to Lemuel Hardin Clark and Dora Belle Hulsey.
Ray was in the car dealership business for 14 years prior to his death in 1958.  He had 4 sons; George, Charles, Raymond, and Donald; and two daughters Audrey Barton and Nancy Lester.
Any help appreciated. (Ray's father Lemuel was the brother to my great grandfather Charlie Clark).  I am trying to fill in some gaps in my tree.


I'm looking for information on John Nelson Cowan (Jack), 1869-June 1943, who worked for the T & P Railroad, and was a retired engineer at the time of his death.
 His wife was Alice (Allie) Moses Raine Cowan.  She was born in Iowa about 1870, and died in Oct. of 1939.
 According to John/Jack's death certificate, he is buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Big Spring.  That cemetery's online records show that Allie is buried there, too.
 I would love to have any inscriptions from their stones, or a photo. 
And last, if anyone knows the name of a newspaper from the Big Spring area that might have carried their obits, please send it to me.  If it's available, I'll borrow the film  through inter-library loan.
DUNCAN 25 Jun 2016 Joy Clark
I am interested in the Duncan family whom i see on the 1900 census in Howard county.   David, Agnes, Jane (who later married a Crawford) and Margaret (Matty) and her 3 children (Johnston). David is listed as selling furniture and owned his house.   I know they were immigrants through New Orleans in 1883 on their way to Texas.   Next thing I know they show up in Howard Cnty 1900.   Whatever you know about this family would be helpful.   I know that Agnes, David and Jane Duncan (Jane Crawford) are buried there



Deana Peirce

I'm looking for info on George Corbin ELY b 1892 and his wife Corine ( Cora) (MITCHELL) b 1895  They had 2 kids, my granny and my great aunt. My granny was Erin Eula ( WILLINGHAM) b 1915 in Big Spring . She married my pawpaw Jesse James WILLINGHAM . The other daughter of George and Cora was Claudine( Dene)


24 May 2009

Linda Vaden-Goad

My family is looking for information about our maternal great great grandparents:  William Parks Everett (husband) Ida Nona Everett (wife) Children:  Ralph, Zella or Zellah, Leon;  In the 1910 census data, they were living in Howard County, TX, and Ralph was 4; don’t know the ages of others in 1910.I would like to know more (birth dates, marriage dates, maiden names, etc.), if possible.  I believe that William Parks Everett died in El Paso County 2/14/1957.

FLEEGER 26 May 2012 Mike Keller My great grandmother's cousin, Raymond Fleeger, died in a fire at OK Trailer Courts in Big Spring on 16th January 1950. I am seeking information on his death from newspaper articles or an obituary from that time - or any other source. Raymond was a travelling worker who worked drilling oil wells, so he did not live in the area for long. In fact, he was probably living in Odessa for some period before he died.



Diane Gentry Warren

This is not exactly a surname search. But hopefully this is acceptable. My father, Bernard Gentry, attended High School there in the mid 1920's. At the request of one of his teachers he took his grandfather James W. Grisham's civil war diary to school. Each time he ask for it back she would say some other teacher was reading it. He left there never getting the diary. His older sister went to the school to get it and was told no one knew anything about it. So sad! His older sister was Hazel Hargrave. Eventually she moved away also.
Would you know any of the teacher's names at that time? Also, do you have access to the student's names around 1925, 26, 27, 28?  Any searching ideas would be appreciated.


I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Millie Graham, who came to Howard County c. 1885 with her small daughter, Anna Laura.  She met Bill Gunter there and married him shortly thereafter.  They eventually moved to Coal County, OK. 
Millie came to Texas to be with her own family after her husband died in Sedalia, MO.
Any information appreciated.


23 Aug 2007


I am researching the marriage of Josh G. Grissom, Jr. and Alma Louise Robertson.  Their daughter says they got marriage in Big Spring, Howard Co., TX.  They would have gotten married about 1947-1948.   I also am looking for parents/siblings of Alma Louise Robertson.  I do not believe Josh was from Howard County but Alma may have been.



Ed Sanders

Looking for any information on a Loyd C Hasting and /or his wife Mildred (Wyatt) Hasting. He was born 7 July 1914 in Texas and died 25 September 1975 in Howard county Texas. Any information would be a great help
HORN, REESE, HOGGS, McMURRAY, SMITHSON 05 Jun 2015 [email protected]
I am looking for Horn relatives of Guy, Claude (Pete) and Prentis Marshall (P M)  Also for Reeses (Fate, Bobbie Francis) Hoggs  (Erma Katherine), McMurray Gladys aka Horn - Curtis-Stark) and Smithson ( Mary Francis-Fannie);
My father was Claude (Pete).  mother was Bobbie and my dads mother was Gladys


05 Dec 2006

Anita Heyd

I'm searching for SLATER JAMES, b. Choctaw Co., Ala., d. 1991 in Big Spring, Texas. His given name is SLATER.  His surname is JAMES.  b. about 1994 in Mississippi or Alabama  d. 1991 in Howard Co., Tx. & I think he might be buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery.  



Lisa Donica

Seeking information on the following Howard Co, TX family: Joseph L. (Joe) McIlvain - Birth: 5 Oct 1882 Missouri; Misc: 16 Sep 1918 registered for the draft (WWI); Big Spring, Howard County;  Census: 10 Apr 1930 Coleman County, Texas ;  Death: 11 Jun 1960  Marriage: 27 Sep 1903 Coleman County, Texas; Other spouse: May Robinson ( - ) Marriage: 18 Oct 1934; Other spouse: Jessie Blanche Kelley ( - ) Marriage: 5 Apr 1956; Wife: Girtie Lee Ashmore  Birth: 15 Jan 1886 Williamson county, Texas ; Death: 19 Jun 1933 Big Springs, Rusk county, Texas - Father: William Lynch Ashmore (1856-1935) Mother: Catherine Emily (Kate) Abney (1857-1948) Children -  1 M William Thomas McIlvain  Birth: 11 Aug 1904 Texas ;  Death: 15 Jan 1980 Howard County, Texas ;      2 M Jasper McIlvain Birth: 1907 Texas ;  3 F Rosie Alice McIlvain ; Birth: 1909 Texas ;  4 F Evelyn McIlvain Birth: 1911 Texas ; 5 M Jody McIlvain  Birth: 1915 Texas ;  6 M Leonard McIlvain  Birth: 1917 Texas ; 7 F Lela Bell McIlvain  Birth: 1920 Texas ; 8 M Jack McIlvain  Birth: 1922 Texas


03 May 2007


I am looking for an obituary for Agapito Marmolejo who died July 28, 1948 in Big Springs, Texas in Howard County.   I am also looking for information about Agapito's wife, Paula Gamboa Marmolejo who lived in the same area.  Any Marmolejo mentions would be great.  This is a huge brick wall for me.



Becky French

I am trying to find the family of a friend. One of the daughters, Susie Mitchell is buried in Big Spring (cem. unknown) Susie was b 1871 and d Feb 1929. I do not have the names of her parents. Her siblings names are: Molly, Price, Maude, June, Will, Jim, Brown and Dale. Any information would be greatly appreciated    


30 JUN 2008

Rich Bentley Seeking info on/connections with descendants of Jose & Isabel (Rodriguez) Mora: Francisca (1897-1974), Preciliano (1902-1973), Ystanislao (1906-1970), Jesús (? -?), Simona (1909-1974), José (1910-1972) and Fermina (1912-2000) - especially Jose Mora who worked for T&P railroad, 1930s.


24 Mar 2006

Suszan Schreiber

I am researching B. M. (Bertie Milton) Newton,  my name is Suszan Schreiber my mother is his grand daughter. I would appreciate any contacts on this person.  I have some info I can share as well.  Thank you.



  [email protected]

I am looking for infomation on* Rayford Elmer Peacock he married  * Lylie or Lillie Corabell Carpenter  they had a child named:  * R. E. Peacock  who married  * Dorothy Virginia Hogg that had a child name:  Theresa Deniese Peacock which I did find in the birth records but just her name, DOB, CO....  11-2-1957 HOWARD CO,  BIG SPRING  AREA  Any help would be most greatful



28 Oct 2004

Mary Ann Hendrix Thurmond

I am searching for information on Charles R. Rhoads who may have been born in Wise Co. ca. 1906/1907.  The family lived in Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., for a number of years and moved back to Wise Co. ca. 1934.  Several family obits list Charles as a surviving family member living in Big Spring.  There is a Charles Rufus Rhoads who died in Howard Co. in 1993; I can't find enough info to determine whether this is who I am looking for.  If anyone has any information on this family, I would be delighted to be able to "wrap up" my research on this line.


20 Sept 2006

 N. I. Daisy Phipps [email protected]

My mother was born in Big Spring, Texas and was named Angela Santellan.  Her parents were Juana Melendez and Cirpriano Santellan.  I know my grandmother has died and I'm sure my grandfather is gone by now.  If there are any living relatives in Big Spring from the Santellan or Melendez side of the family I would love to get in touch with these family members.



Jim Birdsong



I am trying to locate information on Joe Scholz whose wife may be Mary Decker and Charles Willbanks whose wife was Agnes Decker. Further, trying to locate descendants of these marriages to complete a Family Tree of the Ludwig Joseph Decker who settled in Menard County, Texas in the late 1890’s. I have some information on Charles D. Willbanks and Agnes Decker but trying to locate their children’s information.


  I'm looking for information on a Randel Smith family, wife was Mabel Rose Lovejoy, they were in Howard Co, TX in April 1943 when a son, Donald Lee Smith was born. Would like hear from any one who is kin or has information on this family.



Marcy Smith

I am searching for the descendants of: SMITH, Thomas J., b. Aug 1876, MO (Texas); d. bef 1920, probably in TX (Howard) NELSON, Emma; b. Aug 1879, TX; died unknown, probably in TX (Howard) Children:
SMITH, Everett Lee; b. 25 Jan 1896, TX (Hood), d. unknown SMITH, Oda or Ola; b. Dec 1899, TX, d. unknown SMITH, Alta; b. ca 1901, TX; may have married WINDHAM, John C. SMITH, Jewel; b. ca 1904, TX  They moved to Big Spring (Howard) TX between 1900-1910.  Thomas died before the 1920 census.  Emma ran a boarding house at 110 Nolan Street.  Emma's father was NELSON, James A.  He was living with her on the 1930 census.
I would appreciate any help as my GG Grandfather's siblings have been very difficult to trace.


 26 JAN 2003

 Janice Spencer

 I am looking for my husband's uncle, Norman Stuart Spencer and his son, Norman Stuart Spencer II. The elder Norman left Morehead, Kentucky after WW1, and never returned. We think that he was an officer during the war and perhaps stayed in the service for sometime.

When my husband's father (Norman Stuart's only sibling) died in 1949, the family attempted to contact him about the death through U.S. Army records. They found him in Aspermont, Texas. He did not attend the funeral nor did he ever contact other family members.

I believe that he may have died in Dallas County in 1966.he was born circa 1896.  In his mother's (Catherine Stewart Spencer) obituary, it was stated that Norman Stuart I was the Superintendent of the Dallas, Texas Schools. This was in 1936. I believe also that his son, Norman Stuart II lived

and died in Howard County in 1996. Forgive me for giving you all these details, but I'm not certain that my request would make any sense if you didn't have some facts. Would you know any of these people? I think that there is also a grandson (Norman Stuart Spencer, III) possibly living

in a Dallas suburb. My husband has a brother named for the first Norman and the family would like so much to know about him and his life and his family. Thank you for reading this.



Kay Bensuk

Houston, TX

I am looking for the burial site of Abbie F. Threadgill who died in Howard Co on 22 July 1972 according to the Texas Death Index. If anyone knew or has heard of him, I'd appreciated the contact.


12 May 2008

Elida Tobar I am researching the Tobar (Tovar) Surname.  My grandfather Pedro Tovar died in Big Spring, TX, October 16, 1951. Others that died in Big Spring, TX  were his brother Monico Tovar, Nov. 13, 1955; Monico's wife, Maria Tovar, Dec. 17, 1969; and one of Pedro's son, Abel Tovar died May 3, 1967.  There was another son, Pedro Tovar Jr. that had been living there also.  Anyone with information on them would be greatly appreciated



[email protected]

William Webster Touchstone b. Feb.22, 1884 Travis County, Texas-- died April of 1945 in Tom Green County, Texas, he was married to a Ulla V. Wills.    William and Ulla's Children were:  1. William W. Jr. Touchstone. b. abt 1907;  2. Electa Vallery Touchstone  b. abt. 1910, she married Joseph Horbath.  I have 2 of their kids. Micheal William & Suzanne Ulla.  3. Zenda Lee Touchstone b. Feb.. 3, 1911--d. April 12, 1977, he changed his name to Jack A. and he married Bertha Margaret Owen. I have their children. Joann, Jackie, Georgiana, Margaret, Carolyn and Tommie. ( I have more info on this  family)  4. Georgiana she was born in Louisiana in 1917, and she married to Norman Foster Courage. I have one child.  Norman George Courage
K..  I tracked this family down backwards with the Census. 
In 1930 William Webster Sr. was divorced and living in Tom Green County alone.    Ulla was remarried to a T. H. Crow, she had Electa, Zenda and Georgiana living with her and they were living in Big Spring Howard Co. Texas. William Jr..  I still have to find.  In 1920 Census.  William and Ulla were living together as man and wife...  and all their children were living with them in Stephens County, Texas.  in 1910,  I cant find them. so I sent out for William Webster sr. birth and death record hoping to get some info from there.
WHITE 09 Mar 2012 [email protected]
Looking for info on Opal Hicks White & her husband Jack White.  Their children were C.L., Pattie Sue & Bobbie Jack.  They are listed on the 1930 Big Spring census.  Opla was b. abt. 1902 in Texas.  Her parents were Lee Ada Hicks/Hix & mother was Nancy Patrick McCrimmons Alexander.   Opal's siblings were Beulah, Vonnie, & Pervis.


13 Jul 2008

[email protected] Greenville Williams was my greatgrandfather and I am a family genealogist.  My name is Georgina (Dina) Bensen.
WOOSLEY 26 Apr 2011 Julia I am looking for a relative by the name of Eufice Eugene Woosley he was the half brother of Virgil Cisero Woosley who was my grandfather he died in Abliene in 1982.  Eufice died in 1957 in Big Spring, but he was actually living in Carlsbad, new Mexico. He was divorced and had 3 children, Mildred, who died in 1947, Gloria and Eugene I have no idea where they may be or if they are alive.  The brothers were from Tennessee and we don't know when they went to Texas. If anyone can help with info I would appreciate it. 


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