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Big Spring Daily Herald
Big Spring, Texas, Sunday Morning, January 5, 1930
Volume 2--No. 187
Section Two

Miss Black At Home to Friends

Miss Lennah Rose Black entertained a group of young folks in her home Thursday evening. Games, candy making and informal fun were diversions of the evening.
After guests left, members of the F. U. N. club were entertained at a slumber party. Those present were: Misses Imogene Runyan, Veda Robinson, Lena Kyle, Mary Gene Dubberly, Margaret Bettle, Elda Mae Cochran, Maxine Thomas, Lennah Rose Black and Polly Webb.

Mrs. Cunningham Pioneer Hostess

Mrs. C. W. Cunningham was hostess to members of the Pioneer Bridge Club Thursday afternoon in her home on South Scurry street. The house was prettily decorated in Christmas tokens and a large Christmas tree.

A delicious two course salad plate was served after the games, to the following members: Mesdames E. M. Cline, J. B. Whisenant, and J. R. Dillard, visitors, and Mesdames J. D. Biles, Albert M. Fisher, W. W. Inkman, R. C. Strain, Dee Hilliard, Shine Philips, Harry Hurt, C. W. Cunningham, Homer McNew and E. O. Ellington, club members.

Big Spring Boy Scout Troop One Holds Record Second To None In United States

By Curt Bishop

In the cold of a February evening a Chicago newspaperman became lost in the mist of a London fog. Suddenly a youth in a khaki uniform appeared by his side and offered to guide him wherever he wanted to go. When he reached his destination the American was suprised to find the youth would accept no reward, and upon discovering that he was a member of the order of scouts founded in England by the famous Baden-Powell, decided he would introduce the organization into his own land. And thus came into being the noblest society for boys the world has ever known--the Boy Scouts of America.

The foundation of a chapter in Big Spring was almost instantaneous after the report of the Chicagoan concerning its worth. In fact, it is the oldest in continuous service in Texas and certainly one of the oldest in America, for its organization date of September, 1911, the same year of its introduction into the United States, leaves little for completion.

Thirty boys were in this first troop, founded at the earnest wishes of Mrs. B. Reagan, and with C. S. Holmes as the first scoutmaster. Among those who answered the first bugle call were Horace Reagan, Harry Stokes, Rueben Stokes, Olden Hull, Carroll Barnett, Kenneth Barnett, Harry Whelton, John Quinn, Ralph Rix, Virgil Masters, Aaron Johnson, Vernon Crawford, Walton Morrison and Merle Lee.

Mr. Holmes remained scoutmaster until 1921, earning the highest badge a scoutmaster can win, when J. M. Manuel succeeded him. In 1927 F. C. Hopkins, the present scoutmaster, became supervisor of their activities and they came under the sponsorship of the Rotary club.

Thirty-two boys now compose the four patrols of the local organization. Walton Morrison and Mr. Holmes serve as honorary assistant scoutmasters, Jarrel Pickle, Clyde Thomas, Walter Smith and Robert Robinson are the four patrol leaders. There are nine first class scouts: Clyde Thomas, Walter Smith, Dwayne Ory, Tillman Crance, John Tilard, Howard Swarzenbach, R. D. Cross, Steve Ford and Wagner Thomas; seven second class scouts: George Thomas, Aubrey Davis, C. C. Hart, Thornton Hart, James Ripps, James Cross and Paul Warren; and eighteen tenderfeet. Walter Morrison has earned a ten year badge for service while Allan Stripling and Harmon Morrison merit five year badges.

Honorary members are Theo Ferguson, Howard Smith, Joe Pickle, Harmon Morrison, James Smith and Walton Morrison.

Under the regime of Mr. Hopkins the local organization of Scouts has advanced rapidly. This year athletics were introduced in the routine, and twenty-two of the members responded to the call for the first Boy Scout gridiron eleven. Games were played with Colorado and with Stanton, resultin in a tie and a victory for the locals.

(This is a much longer article but I have just transcribed the first portion in order to record the names within the article...)

Whisenant Home Scene of Event for Mrs. Simpson

Complimentary to Mrs. William Simpson of Midland, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whisenant were hosts at the first of a series of buffet suppers and bridge events of the year Friday evening.

The house decorations sounded the warm red hues of the mid-winter, cyclamen being used for floral embellishments, while red tapers centered the individual tables. Tables were laid with Venetian cutwork cloths.

Mrs. Harvey Willaimson won ladies' high score award, a large cyclamen plant, while men's prize, a linen handkerchief, was presented to Dr. M. H. Bennett. Mrs. Simpson was remembered with a pair of sheer silk hose.

Those present were: Mrs. Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Blomshield, Mr. and Mrs. Newt S. Jennings, Dr. and Mrs. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. harry Hurt, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Frazier, Dr. J. R. Barcus, Miss Clara Pool, Ira Thurman, Mrs. Fred Keating, Carroll Barnett, Miss Nell Hatch, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Williamson and the hosts.

Big Spring Daily Herald
Big Spring, Texas
Sunday, January 5, 1930

Pg 4
Public Records
District Court Suits
Fritz R. Smith, Judge Presiding
Twila Giles vs Oscar Giles, injunction.
Ruth Davidson vs. J. J. Davidson, divorce.
Mattie Slaton vs J. T. Slaton, divorce.
F. W. Kee vs Myrtle Kee, divorce.
Effie D. Dickerson vs. J. L. Dickerson, divorce.
Dora Roberts vs. H. Ferrell, debt and foreclosure.
T. J. Stewart vs. Gertrude Stewart, divorce.
West Texas National Bank vs. O. W. Lowe, suit on note.
Lillie Opal Sides et. vir Cosden and Company, Inc., damages.
Bertha Lee Conner vs. T. Conner, divorce.

Marriage Notices
James L. Prichard, County Clerk
Kim Long to Vallie Shugerts
Juan Urista to Paula Nabarro
Jose Joquez to Guadelupe B. Grardo.
W. A. Clarence to Lela Mays.

Papers Filed
James L. Prichard, County Clerk
Louisa Bauer to Manuel Puga, warranty deed, lot 6, block 7, Bauer addition.
J. M. Blocker to A. A. Green; deed, lot 4, Block E, Moore addition.
James Currie to W. B. Currie, deed to trust, lot 6, block 25, H & T. C. Ry Co. Survey.
W. B. Day to John Nutt, deed, lot 10, block 60.
J. W. Dutton to Ella M. Galliher, mineral deed, 220 acres.
G. N. Evans to Idaho Oil company, mineral deed, section 14, block 33, township south, T & P Ry Co survey.
Leroy Echols to S. R. Hayler, deed, lot 19, block 10, Coahoma.
Cole Huffman to J. O. Haney, deed, part section 22, block 33, township 3 south.
Ruby Hall to H. Clay and Earle A. Read, deed, lot 6, block 1, Edwards Heights.
G. T. Hall to A. D. Neal, mineral deed, section 4, block 32, township 2 south.
Idaho Oil Company to J. E. Knetsch, royalty deed.
International Electric Company to Texas Electric Service Company, deed, lots 7, 8, 9, block 3, Tennyson addition; lot 6, block 3, lots 1, 2, 3 block 3 and lots 4 and 5, block 3 Tennyson addition.
L. F. Loudamy to E. H. Lawson, deed, lot 2, block 20, Cole and Strayhorn addition.
R. F. Lyons to Clayton Stewart, deed, section 107, block 29, W & N W Ry Co Survey.
Kate Pope Morrison to A. R. Martinez, deed, west half of lot 11, block 99.
Hollis Manly to Henry C. Jenkins, deed, lots 5 and 6, subdivision E. block 17, Fairview addition.
T. M. Nelson to Wm. Goat and E. R. Miller, deed, part of section 11, block 33, township 2 north.
L. S. Patterson to James Currie, deed, section 6, block 25, H & T C Ry Co survey.
A. J. Parton to A. A. Green, deed, lot 4, block E, Moore addition.
Fox, Striplin to G. T. Hall, mineral deed, south half of section 4, block 32, township 2 south.
H. F. Taylor to G. S. True, deed, part of section 3, block 33, township 1 south.
Carrie M. Wright to J. W. Porter, deed lots 5 and 6, block 7, subdivision C, Fairview addition.

Box Supper Planned at Cauble School
The public is cordially invited to attend a box supper at Cauble school Friday evening, January 17, at 7:30 o'clock.
Proceeds will be devoted to school needs, it was announced.

Jury Disagrees.
George West, Tex. Jan. 4. (AP) -- The jury holding the fate of Roberto Martinez reported at 11:50 p.m. that they were unable to reach any agreement and were locked up for the night.

Dawson County Youth Charged in Death Of Father
Lamesa, Tex., Jan. 4 (AP) -- Robert Durham, 22, today faced charges of murder in the slaying of his father, A. J. Durham, at their ranch home. Charges against the son, held here, were filed yesterday.

The elder Durham was shot to death with a shot gun last Monday, four charges entering his body. Officers believed the first was fired through a window, while the aged farmer was lying on his bed. He ran screaming from the house, and at least two more charges struck him as he ran down the road. Durham died a short time after the fourth shot was heard.

County Attorney A. W. Gibson said the trial would be held as soon as possible. No reason was advanced for the shooting.

Pg 7
Lodge Notices
The I.O.O.F. lodge meets every Monday night at 8 o'clock in the I.O.O.F. Hall. All visiting members welcome.
John Phillips, N.G.
O. J. Welch, Scribe.

The Rebecca Lodge meets every Thursday night at 8 o'clock in the I.O.O.F. Hall. All visiting members are invited to attend.
Mrs. J. A. Kinard, N.G.
Nova Ballard, Sec.

The encampment meets first and third Friday in each month in the I.O.O.F. Hall. All visiting patriarchs are extended a cordial welcome to attend.
L. E. Crenshaw, C. P.
Jones Lamar, Sec.

Rev. W. H. Martin of St. Mary's Episcopal church has been given the mission station of Lamesa in addition to his work in the local church. The appointment came from Bishop E. Cecil Seman, D. D., bishop of North Texas.

Citation by Publication

No. 1618 -- Jesse May Horton vs. Melvin Horton. In the District Court, Howard County, Texas.

The State of Texas to the sheriff or any constable of Howard county -- Greeting:
You are hereby commanded that by making publication of this citation in some newspaper published in the county of Howard once in each week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return day hereof, you summon Melvin Horton, whose residence unknown, who alleged to be non-resident of the state of Texas, to be and appear at the next regular term of the district court of Howard county, to be holden at the courthouse thereof, in the city of Big Spring, on the first Monday in February, A.D., 1930, the same being the 3rd day of February A. D. 1930, then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the 14th day of November A.D. 1929, in a suit, numbered on the docket of said court, No. 1618 wherein Jesse May Horton is plaintiff and Melvin Horton is defendant, the nature of plaintiffs demand being substantially as follows to-wit:
Suit for divorce from the bonds of matrimony and for custody and possession of child wherein it is alleged as follows: On or about the 4th day of April, 1924, plaintiff was duly and legally married to defendant in the town of Greenville, Texas, and continued to live with him as his wife until about the 26th day of October, 1925.

That plaintiff has been an actual bona fide inhabitant of the state of Texas for a period of twelve months, and has resided in the said county of Howard, where this suit is filed, a period of six months, next preceding the filing thereof.

On or about the 26th day of October, 1925, without any cause or provocation whatever, defendant voluntarily left and abandoned plaintiff with the intention of finally separating and living apart from her, and has continued so to do up to the filing of plaintiff's petition, such abandonment has endured over three years.

That during the marriage of plaintiff and defendant they have had born to them as issue of such marriage, one child, a boy, age three years, James Roy Horton, who is still living. Plaintiff is able to bring up and educate such child properly and defendant is not; and he will not care for said child and has never seen said child and plaintiff seeks custody of same.

Wherefore plaintiff prays the court that defendant be cited to appear and answer herein and for judgment dissolving said marriage relations, and for custody of said child, and for such other relief as she may be entitled to.

Herein fail not, but have you before said court on the said first day of next term thereof this writ with your return thereon, showing how you have executed the same.

Given under my hand and seal of said court at office in the city of Big Spring, Texas, this the 4th day of January A. D. 1930.
(SEAL) Witness, J. J. Prichard, Clerk of District Court in and for Howard County, Texas. By Artie Collings, Deputy.

D. H. Amos, 19, To Be Buried

Funeral Services for Drummond Hunt Amos, 29, who died in San Antonio Thursday morning will be held in the chapel of the Charles Eberley Funeral Home at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Rev. Dow Hubbard Heard, pastor of the First Baptist church, will have charge. Burial will be in the Mt. Olive cemetery.

The deceased was born May 18, 1900 in Big Spring where the family has resided for a number of years. He has been ill since last April. He was the son of Mrs. Mary Bell Amos. His father, George Amos, died four years ago.

In addition to his mother, those who survive are three sisters, Mrs. Stella Biggs, Mrs. Fannie Biggs, both of Big Spring, Mrs. Jack Loftis of Commerce, and three brothers, Will, Bryan and George Jr.,all of this city.

First Baptist Church At Main and Sixth
Dow Hubbard Heard, Pastor.
On this, the first Sunday in 1930, we extend to you a welcome to all our services.
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
W. C. Blankenship, educational director.
Sermon 11 a.m. Subject: A Splendid, New Year's Resolution."
All B.Y.P.U.'s (primary, junior, intermediate, senior and adult) at 6 p.m.
Sermon 7 p.m. Subject: "The Pentecostal Power."
Start the New Year right. Come to church.

Morning services, in the Ritz theatre, will begin at 11 a.m. The pastor, Rev. R. L. Owen, will take as his sermon topic, "First Things."
Bible classes will meet at 9:45 a.m. in the Ritz.
Evening services, at 7:30 p.m. will be held in the Episcopal church. Fifth and Runnels streets. There will be special music at both services.

Birth Anniversary Observed by Couple
Mrs. Euta Plum assisted by her sister, Miss Veda Robinson, and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Doyle Robinson, entertained at dinner complimentary to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. A. Robinson who observed their birthday anniversaries Thursday.

A delicious turkey dinner was served to the following: Mrs. Euta Plum and son Thomas Harold, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Robinson and daughter, Miss Veda Robinson, Lawrence Robinson, Judge Ashley and the honor guests.

June 8, 1930 Big Spring Daily Herald

Visits Canyon

Miss Pauline Cantrell, county superintendent, will be out of her office until Monday morning, having gone to Canyon for the weekend. Her sister, Miss LaDean Cantrell, will enter the West Texas State Teachers College there for the summer season.

To Arizona

Miss Lucille Kyle left yesterday morning for Arizona, where she will visit her cousin, Mrs. James Watson.

To Entertain

Mrs. C. W. Kokanour and Mrs. W. W. Pendleton will entertain with a bridge party Friday afternoon at three o'clock in Mrs. Kokanour's home at 2202 Runnels street.

Presbyterians Plan For Monday Meeting

The Women's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian church will have a program meeting Monday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

"Mountain Missions" will be the subject and Mrs. H. W. Caylor will be the leader.

The program will be as follows: hymn, "Sweet Hour of Prayer"; prayer; devotional, Mrs. W. R. Settles: hymn, "Work for the Night is Coming"; "Our Task Among the Hills," Mrs. Leslie Dahme; "The Promise of a New Generation." Mrs. Sam Baker; circle of prayer: "The Wages of Sin in a Mountain Family," Mrs. T. S. Currie; solo, Mrs. J. Wade Johnson, Mizpah.

Charlotte Kimsey Has Birthday Party

Charlotte Kimsey celebrated her fifth birthday anniversary Thursday afternoon with a party at her home in Washington Place.

Games were played and a contest held. Maxine Miller won the prize for the girls and Phil O'Bar won for the boys.

Refreshments of Dixie Cups and cake were served to the following: Mary Sue Bonham, Maxine and Fred Miller, Jane Hurley, Gary Bivings, Lillian Francis Etheridge, Jacqueline Faw, Billie and Bobbie Bass, Grover Cunningham Jr., Phil O'Bar, Joyce Rives, Margery and Roberta Henry, Bobbie Stahlman, Edward Fisher, Ema Lee and Joel Prager, Mary Jo Barnes and Charlotte Kimsey.

Miss Creighton to College

Miss Opal Creighton left the early part of this week for Canyon where she will be enrolled in the West Texas State Teachers' College for the summer months.

Mrs. Deats Returns

Mrs. C. W. Deats and son, Wesley, returned yesterday from a three week's trip and visit to her mother to San Antonio.

Thorntons Expected Here

Mrs. Ruth Lewis Airhart has received word from her sister Mrs. D. D. Thornton, who is at present in New York touring the east with her husband and two sons, and expects to be in Big Spring about June 25.

Mr. and Mrs. Thornton's home is in Meridian, Miss., and Mrs. Thornton before her marriage was Miss Rhoda Lewis.

Public Records
Mae Shank vs. V. N. Shank, divorce.

Marriage Licenses
L. E. Mullins and Miss Tommye Herring.
H. B. Webb and Miss Genevia Harris
Wm. F. Taylor and Miss Frances Eddings.
S. Rogers Hefley and Miss Mary Arnold Nelson, Sterling city.

Notice of Intention to Wed
M. M. Ainsworth and Mrs. Dora Murphy, Ackerly.
C. K. Huff and Miss Corrinne Higgs

Instruments Filed
B. F. Altridge to Mrs. A. E. Adams, deed, lot 17, blk. 21, Forsan
S. M. Barbee to A. C. Walker, transfer vendor lien, lot 5, blk 7, McDowell.
George C. Bauer et al to O. D. Engle, warranty deed, Lot 8, Blk. 38, Govt.
G. L. Blackburn et al to R. M. McCullum, extension, part Sec. 39, Blk. 33, 3-N.
Continental Southland to E. W. Pike, release, Lots 13, 14, 15, Blk 1.
Cragin and Son to Public, assumed name.
J. W. Cook to J. A. Queen, royalty deed, two tracts.
Sarah Hyman et al to Magnolia Petroleum Co., lease part Sec. 6, Blk. 29.
Jno. B. Littler to Rusk County Lumber Co., deed, lots 11 and 12, Blk. 32, Govt.
R. F. Lyons to O. A. McRea, deed, part Sec. 5 Blk 32. 1-S.
Mid-Tex Co. to W. H. Adams, Royalty deed, part Sec. 36, Blk. 34, 1-8.
C. W. Mitchell to R. F. Lyons, mineral deed, part Sec. 25, Blk. 34, 3-N.
Magnolia Petroleum Co. to Anne Rose Hensinger et al, release, Sec. 67, Blk. 29, W. & N. W.
Markham Jones Lumber Co. to A. C. Walker, transfer mechanic's lien, lot 4, blk. 2, Highland.
R. M. McCollum to R. Blackburn to al, extension, part Sec. 39, Blk. 33, 3-N.
McRea et al to R. F. Lyons et al, deed, part Sec. 5, Blk. 31, 1-S.
McRea et al to W. R. King, deed, part sec., Blk. 31, 1-S.
John Nutt et al to A. C. Walker, deed of trust, lot 4, Blk. 2, Highland.
E. W. Pike to Stahlman Lumber Co., transfer, Lots 13, 14, 15, Blk. 1.
Jno. E. Penny to Edith M. Nabours, transfer, Lot 3, Blk. 12, Edwards.
G. T. Palmer et al to Phillips Petroleum Co., change deposit, part Sec. 9, Blk. 33, 3-N.
Realty Bond and Mortgage Co. to L. B. Curd, transfer Lots 13, 14, 15, Blk. 1.
H. L. Rix to Realty Bond and Mortgage Co., transfer, Lots 13, 14, 15, Blk. 1.
H. L. Richards to W. H. Remele, deed, Lot 10, Blk. 10, Wash.
H. L. Rix to Cragin & Son, deed of trust, parts Lot 13, 14, 15, Blk. 1.
Realty Bond and Mortgage Co. to D. B. Curd, transfer, Lot 5, west 1-2 of lot 4, Edwards.
Southwester Glass and Paint Co. to H. L. Rix, release, Lots 13, 14, 15, Blk. 1.
L. D. Stripling to State National Bank, deed of trust, part Sec. 46, Blk. 33, 1-S.
H. F. Taylor to H. H. Hurt, transfer lien, part Sec. 3, Blk. 33, 1-S.
D. K. Wooten et al to Keisling Gin Co., deed, Lot 7, Blk. 20, Saunders, Lots 1, 2, 3, 5, Blk. 1, Coahoma.
B. E. Winterrowd to J. A. Lee, lien, Lot 6, Blk. 107.
R. M. Winn to Cicero Smith, lien, Lot 22, Blk. 2, Wright.
J. D. Wood to H. H. HArdin, lien, Lot 1, Blk. 6, Wright.

Mrs. Matthews Returns
Mrs. C. H. Matthews has returned from a visit with relatives and friends in Breckenbridge.

Building For Week $3,713

Building permits for the first week in June totaled $3,713.50. No major building was filed with the city secretary during the week, the largest construction item being for $2,700, and covering erection of a filling station.

Following is a list of the permits issued:
J. A. Lee, 14 x 25 brick veneer filling station, Lot 6, Blk. 107, original, estimated cost $2,700.
J. R. Petty, hanging sign, 122 East Third Street, $16.
D. R. Dennis, hanging sign, 122 Main Street, $7.50.
M. Segell, repairing roof, Lot 12, Blk. 26, $15.
Shelby Hall, 16 x 32 frame house, 207 East 13th St., estimated cost $500.
H. L. Rix, moving house from lot 5, block 41, original, to lot 5, block 14, Lakeview Addition, $75.
D. W. Adkins, repairing barn, lot 2, block 13, Boydstun addition, $200.
G. L. Brown, rebuilding servant house, 608 Aylford Street, $100.
A. J. Currie, moving house from lot 6, block 107, original to lot 5, block 10, Moore addition.
F. J. Dean, hanging sign, 404 East Third St., $25.

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