Masonic Biography and Dictionary comprising The History of Ancient Masonry, Antiquity of Masonry, Written and Unwritten Law, Derivation and Definition of Masonic Terms, Biographies of Eminent Masons, Statistics, List of All Lodges in the United States, Etc.

Compiled by Augustus Row, K. T.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1868

(Abstracts concerning Texas)

Texas – The G. L. of Louisiana granted the first warrant for a Lodge in Texas.  This Lodge was held at Brazoria, under date of 17th December, 1835.  During the Mexican War the Lodge ceased to work, and in October, 1837 it was reopened at Houston.  In 1837, the Grand Lodge was opened at Houston.

Statistics –

Number of Lodges in the various States, from 1816. In 1816, many of the Grand Lodges were not formed, and hence no returns.

Texas – 1816, No. of Lodges – 0; 1822, No. of Lodges – 0; 1859, No. of Lodges – 238; 1866, Members – 10,025 ( with returns from 162 out of 250 Lodges) and Initiated – 759.


(This is a list of Lodges as of 1859, not 1868 the date of publication of the book)


1   Holland Houston 74   Springfield Springfield 135   Camden Camden 198   Tyre Tennessee Colony
2   Milam Nacogdoches 75   Brazos,  Hootsville 136   Newton Burkeville 199   De Molay Souders Chapter
3   Red Land San Augustine 76   Cameron Cicero 137   Mt. Horeb Gabriel Mills 200   Alamita Helena
5   St. John's Columbia 77   Concord McClorty's 138   Neill Lexington 201   Denton Louisville
6   Harmony Galveston 78   Carthage Carthage 139   Herschell Coffeeville 202   J. A. Baker Walker Co.
7   Matagorda Matagorda 79   Oasis Dangerville 140   Kerchix Centreville 203   Pine Newburg
11   Milam Independence 80   Menchison Hallettsville 141   Castilian Canton 204   Mt. Colm Mt. Com
12   Austin Austin 81   Rio Grande Brownsville 142   Bethesda Gilmer 205   Walnut Creek Littleton's Spring
13   Constantine Bonham 83   Terrel Alto 143   Ochiltree Melrose 206   Frank Sexton Pittsburg
14   Trinity Livingstone 84   Indianola Indianola 144   Pierce Merling 207   W. P. Brittain Social, Cherokee Co.
16   Friendship Clarksville 85   Pine Bluff Troy 145   Walnut Grove Gordon's Stand 208   McMahon Lockhart
17   Orphan's Friend Anderson 86   Tuscalenn Pine-tree 146   Cypress Wm. Sparks 209   Mantua Mantua
18   Washington Washington 87   New Salem New Salem 147   Plantersville Plantersville 210   Gainesville Gainesville
19   Forest Huntsville 88   Jackson Cass 148   Ft. Worth Ft. Worth 211   Science Hill Science Hill
20   Graham Benham 89   San Gabriel Georgetown 149   Truit Truit's Store 212   Deer Creek Evans' Store
21   Lathrop Crockett 90   Waxahatchie Waxahatchie 150   Jamestown Jamestown 213   Acton Buchanan
22   Marshall Marshall 91   Tarrant Tarrant 151   Cabalo Valley 214   Farmersville Farmersville
23   Clinton Henderson 92   Basque Waco 152   Marlin Marlin 215   Stedman Newton
24   Red Land Henderson 93   Ioni San Pedro 153   Eclectic Warren 216   Twin Sisters Hodges' Mills
25   Montgomery Montgomery 94   Goliad Goliad 154   Cotton Gin Cotton Gin 217   Stanfield Denton
26   Olive Branch Cincinnati 95   Sharon Sharon 155   Spring Hill Spring Hill 218   J. G. Craven Dresden
27   Paris Paris 96   Colorado Webberville 156   Hickory Hill Hickory Hill 219   Millville Millville
29   DeWitt Clinton Jasper 97   Newbern Newbern 157   East Trinity Rockwell 220   Orion Union School-House
30   Gonzales Gonzales 98   Canton Canton 158   Taylor Mt. Carmel 221   Bright Star Sulphur Springs
31   Palestine Palestine 99   Wharton Wharton 159   McClellan Union 222   Parsons Parson's Seminary
32   Sam Houston Shelbyville 100   Freedom Fredericksburg 160   Lancaster Lancaster 223   Belleville Belleville
34   Lafayette LaGrange 101   Danville Danville 161   Eureka Palmer's 224   Miller Hunt Co.
35   Jackson milan 102   Unity Greenville 162   Imvirol Panola Co. 225   San Saba San Saba
36   Lavaca Lavaca 103   Fairfield Fairfield 163   Sumpter Sumpter 226   Brohan Bethesda
37   Mt. Moriah Cold Springs 104   Corcicana Corcicana 164   Honey Grove Honey Grove 227   Round Rock Round Rock
38   Jefferson Jefferson 105   Kickapoo Kickapoo 165   Athens Athens 228   Newport Newport
39   Leona Union Leona 106   San Jacinto Danville 166   Belton Belton 229   Randolph Randolph
40   Victoria Victoria 107   San Andres Cameron 167   Kentucky Kentucky 230   Ocean Weatherford
41   Eagle Bethany 108   Jacksonville Jacksonville 168   Monroe Madisonville 231   Sampson Oak Hill
43   Douglass Douglass 109   Guadalope Seguin 169   Taylor Ash Spring 232   Tampasas Tampasas
44   Alamo San Antonio 110   Greenville Greenville 170   San Andres Cameron 233   Eutaw Eutaw
45   Euclid Rusk 111   Burleson Navarre 171   Basque Basque 234   White Rock Walnut Grove
46   Florida Round Top 112   Bloomfield Kaufman 173   Mound Prairie Mound Prairie 235   Plano Plano
48   Liberty Liberty 113   Magnolia Magnolia 174   Corsicana Corsicana 236   Relief Rusk Creek
51   St. John's McKinsey's 114   Prairie Lea Prairie Lea 175   Valley Hamilton 237   Lively Denton Co.
52   Touchill Dallas 115   Kaufman Andover 176   Anadako Ft. Graham 238   Prarieville Prarieville
53   St. John's Tyler 116   Red River Pine Creek 177   St. Paul Port Sullivan        
54   Grand Bluff Grand Bluff 117   Travis Sherman 178   Glover Coffeeville        
55   Gillespie Wheelock 118   Starr Starrville 179   Hardeman Plum Creek        
56   Warren Caldwell 119   Flora Quitman 180   Hopkins Theodosia        
57   Lavissa Lavissa 120   McDonald Trim Flat 182   Concrete Concrete        
58   Bastrop Bastrop 121   Mt. Hope Mt. Hope 183   Hopkinsville Hopkinsville        
59   Lockhart Lockhart 122   Quitman Chatfield Point 184   Hickory Grove Mt. Vernon        
60   Mt. Enterprise Mt. Enterprise 123   Texana Texana 185   White Oak Saratoga        
62   Woodville Woodville 124   Colleti Yorktown 186   West Fork Taylorsville        
63   Rocky Mount Bunker Hill 125   Baylor Gay Hill 187   Tyrian Augusta        
65   Joppa Elysian Fields 126   Madison Madison 189   Corpus Christi Corpus Christi        
66   Cherino Cherino 127   Burns Concord 190   Refugio Refugio        
67   Hubert Chapel Hill 128   Cushney San Marcos 191   Havana Havana        
68   Caledonia Columbus 129   Brazos Union Boonville 192   Cusseta Cusseta        
69   Boston Boston 130   El Paso San Elizaria 193   Leon Leon River        
70   Temple Mt. Pleasant 131   Belmont Belmont 194   Jack Titus Red Oak Grove        
71   Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 132   Griffin Griffin 195   Lyons Lyons        
72   Moreton Richmond 133   Retreat Retreat 196   Aquilla Hillsboro        
73   Washita Sherman 134   Bethel Fannin 197   Gatesville Gatesville        


Grand High Priests -

1850,  Samuel M. Williams

1851,  E. B. Nichols

1852, G. M. Patrick

1853,  W. M. Taylor

1854,  H.R. Cartmel, Washington

1855,  Joseph C. Harrison, Linwood

1859,  Andrew Neill

1860,   W. T. Austin, Galveston

Grand Secretaries -

1850-1,  A. S. Ruthven

1852-5,  James M. Hall, Crockett

1859-60,  A. S. Ruthven, Galveston


No. 1.  Galveston No.  29.  Mt. Enterprise No.  55.  Athens
No. 2.  Houston No.  30.  Leona No.  56.  Seguin
No. 3.  Anderson No.  32.  Jefferson No.  57.  Gabriel Mills
No. 4.  Crockett No.  33.  Montgomery No.  58.  Fort Worth
No. 5  Brenham No.  34.  Columbia No.  59.  Jasper
No. 6.  Austin No.  36.  Matagorda No.  60.  Douglasville
No. 7.  Huntsville No.  37.  Elysian Fields No.  61.  Wharton
No. 8.  Washington No.  38.  Cold Springs No.  62.  Sherman
No. 9.  San Augustine No.  39.  Moscow No.  63.  Tarrant
No. 10.  Palestine No.  41.  Corsicana No.  65.  Lexington
No. 11.  Rusk No.  42.  Fairfield No.  66.  Cameron
No. 12.  Henderson No.  43.  Hallettsville No.  67.  Hempstead
No. 14.  Wheelock No.  44.  Richmond No.  68.  Decatur
No. 15.  Clarksville No.  46.  Columbus No.  69.  Kaufman
No. 18.  La Grange No.  47.  Dallas No.  70.  Sabine Pass
No. 19.  Marshall No.  48.  Paris No.  71.  Port Sullivan
No. 21.  Burleson No.  49.  Gilmer No.  72.  Texana
No. 22.  Larissa No.  51.  Gonzales No.  78.  Waxahachie
No. 24.  Tyler No.  52.  Bonham No.  74.  Woodville
No.  25.  Shelbyville No.  53.  McKinney No.  75.  Belton
No.  27.  Lockhart No.  54.  Goliad No.  76.  Veal's Station


Organized under Authority of the Grand Encampment of the U. S., or recognized by it, since its formation, on first day of June, 1816.

San Felipe de Austin, at Galveston (then a State of the Republic of Mexico), 1835.

Ruthven, at Houston, Feb. 2d, 1848; Sept 17th, 1853

Palestine, at Palestine, May 16th, 1853; Sept 20th, 1853

Grand Encampment, formed Jan. 19th, 1855. 

Anti-Masonry - In 1826 a great cry was raised by the political tricksters of the country against Freemasonry.

To insure success, the party had recourse to every stratagem, and amongst the most popular was the story hatched out of the so-called and supposed abduction of an individual named Morgan, at Batavia, New York, in 1826, for exposing the secrets of the order. This fellow, finding no doubt his enterprise a failure, secreted himself, and circulated the story in order to meet a ready sale of his work, which was but a republication of "Jachin and Boaz," published in Albany, in 1790, from an English work. The frenzy with which politicians hashed and rehashed this story, obtained for them about 100,000 supporters in New York. In Pennsylvania, where the Hon. Judge Giullis was arrested for complicity in the affair, the party succeeded in dividing the vote. In Vermont, the party, fired with unceasing efforts, succeeded for a time. But this was not to last. The party had grown so rapidly, swollen so hugely with broken-down politicians, and presented such an empty hollowness of principle, that it exploded with the contempt of all good citizens. In Pennsylvania, the Legislature inaugurated a series of persecutions, and the hero Thaddeus Stevens, Esq., of Lancaster, a rejected applicant of Good Samaritan Lodge, Gettysburg, Pa., was not able to force the secrets from the order. The principles of the order having become known and found their way to the people, the sentiment was soon changed, and the ill-shaped Anti-Masonic party, having no other aim than power and corruption, came to an end. But the power behind the throne has again shown its huge-footed plans and the resurrection of its skeleton is now proposed. Whether the new effort will succeed, remains for the future to disclose, but it matters little, as the truths of a genuine Christian system of charity and benevolence, as produced by Freemasonry, are engrafted in the minds of the people, not to be rooted out by persecution. (See U.S. "Anti-Masonic Convention.")

Grand Lodge – The body that has exclusive jurisdiction in a State or kingdom over the Subordinate Lodges, and all Masons within its bounds. It empowers subordinate bodies to practice all the rights of Masonry. Originally the order was not governed by Grand Lodges, but the right existed inherently to act as individuals. However, the ancient brethren met annually, to consult upon Masonry and select a Grand Master. But as the order increased in power and numbers, it became necessary to establish Grand Lodges, for the interest of the order. The first charter granted was to St. Alban’s, for a General Assembly, and subsequently Prince Edwin obtained a charter to assemble all Masons at York. It was thus the order obtained and has ever since recognized the necessity of a Grand Lodge.

Grand Lodges and their Jurisdiction – A Grand Lodge has jurisdiction over the territory of the State in which it is organized, and no other Grand Body can exercise any authority or charter Lodges therein. It is governed by the ancient usages and landmarks of the order, and acknowledges no superior authority than these.


United States Anti-Masonic Convention. –

This convention assembled at Philadelphia, 11th September, 1830. It was the first formidable attempt of a national combination in opposition to Freemasonry. There were 96 members, representing Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island, Ohio, New jersey, Michigan, Maryland, and Delaware. At that time but few persons of eminence were among the delegates, but several of them, attaching themselves to other "issues," and abandoning political anti-masonry, subsequently became known. Among them were Francis Granger, Henry Dana Ward, Frederick Whittlesey, Wm. H. Seward, N. Y., and Pliny Merrick, Mass. The cement that bound such minds to men like David Bernard, Moses Thatcher, Thaddeus Stevens, and Joseph Ritner, must have possessed powerful magnetism. Francis Granger was made Prest., seconded by six Vice-Presidents. A remarkable fact is, that no State west of Ohio or south of Maryland had a delegate. Maine and New Hampshire refused the part assigned them, and sent no delegate. Fourteen committees were appointed, and the questions relative to Masonic rituals, history, and jurisprudence were divided among them. Mr. Seward was to report resolutions expressive of the sentiments of the Convention. A proposition to inquire into the pecuniary circumstances of the widow and children of William Morgan was rejected, as "that was not the purpose for which they had assembled." Three gentlemen of North Carolina took their seats as honorary members. The committee "on the effects of Masonic ties and obligations on commerce and revenue of the U.S.," were discharged without a report. In the report of the influence of Masonry upon the public press, it was reported that between 1826 and 1830 there had been 124 anti-masonic papers established, to wit: Pennsylvania, 53; New York, 46; Connecticut, 2; Rhode Island, 1; Massachusetts, 5; Vermont, 4; New Jersey, 2; Ohio, 9; Indiana, 1; Michigan,1. A number of these journals simply kept quiet to see what the mountain would bring forth, and when they found it to be a mouse, tacked about and retired from the sinking anti-masonic vessel. The summing up of these profound deliberations were: 1. That the expositions of Masonic secrets are true. 2. That Freemasonry originated early in the 18th century. 3. That its oath are not obligatory. 4. That adhering Masons are disqualified for public officers. 5. Masonry and its principles are inconsistent with the genius of American Institutions. 6. That Masonry should be extinguished at the ballot –box. 7. That the public Press are evil. The Convention adjourned to meet at Baltimore, Sept. 26th, 1831, to nominate candidates for President and Vice-President. The Convention nominated Wm. Wirt and Amos Ellmaker for their standard-bearers. These renowned champions went forth to battle, and brought as trophies from the field the electoral vote of Vermont. But the dog was now dead; and the leading fanatical spirits discarded it, as it ever was a worthless hotchpotch of the villainies of broken-down political tricksters.

American Military Lodges. - The following are the military lodges that were instituted in the American army during the revolutionary war.

1. St. John’s Regimental Lodge, in the U. S. Battalion, warranted by the G. L. of New York, Feb. 24th, 1775.

2. American Union Lodge, in the Connecticut Line, warranted by the G. L. of Massachusetts, Feb. 15th, 1776.

3. No. 19, in the 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Artillery, warranted by G. L. of Pennsylvania, May 18th, 1779.

4. Washington Lodge, in the Massachusetts Line, warranted by the Massachusetts G. L., Oct. 6th, 1779.

5. No. 20, in North Carolina Regiment, warranted by the G. L. of Pennsylvania, _____1779.

6. No. 27, in Maryland Line, warranted by G.,L. of Pennsylvania, April 4th, 1780.

7. No. 28, in Pennsylvania Line, warranted by G. L. of Pennsylvania, _______1780.

8. No. 29, in Pennsylvania Line, warranted by G. L. of Pennsylvania, July 27th, 1780.

9. No. 31, in New Jersey Line, warranted by G. L. of Pennsylvania, March 26th, 1781.

10. No. 36, in New Jersey Line, warranted by G. L. of Pennsylvania, Sept. 2d, 1782.

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